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This is a great place to check-in and get some general information about playing college volleyball, the recruiting process, and how to put yourself out there so you can be seen by coaches! 

Where to start: Click here to read more about what it is like to play in college, how to decide if college volleyball is right for you, and how to focus your attention on schools that you would like to play at.

Put your name out there: Click here to find out how to start putting yourself out there. Get your name and face in front of coaches so they know how to contact you and who you are as an athlete.

Facilitating communication: Click here to find out more about getting yourself seen and how to have positive communication with coaches once you start making initial contacts.


For any questions, tips, recommendations or anything else, feel free to contact me at:



*Information on here is stuff that I have put together from previous experience and outside resources. I am not a paid recruiting coordinator. I am simply a person who had to do self-recruiting to play college volleyball and is willing to share my knowledge to help girls chase their dreams.